Disturb yourself!

Our planet is in a deplorable state. Among other things, it is convenience, laziness, egoism and the urge for individual enrichment
– even at the expense of others and of nature –
which help to break it down.

The task is to search for and work out solutions that point to
conveniences, make people think – provoke them to rethink  and pause.

Solutions that are  disturbing. This is where the „beautiful“ concept of perturbation comes into play. Here the emphasis is on the term perturbation because positive „disturbances“ are also meant.

We are running short!

Freshwater resources are limited. 

And even if it is a problem that is not yet too present here, there are places in this world where wars for water are already breaking out. 

How do we deal with water? Do we know how much water we consume? How much water does a toilet flush, for example, or the washing machine use? 

It is becoming scarce – sooner or later. And we are obviously not aware of it.


For many people, a central loudspeaker in the household is indispensable. 

The loudspeaker „suono“ is a
loudspeaker that becomes quieter
the more water you use during the day. 

It is coupled with a sensor, which is connected to main water line measures the water consumption. The more water you consumed, the more water drips from above onto speaker membrane, and the speaker becomes quieter.

This is disturbing, and points to the water consumption, which one does not have otherwise directly in front of one’s eyes
(toilet flush, washing machine, long shower, …).

Thus the amount of water in the loudspeaker is a mirror of the own water consumption and gives the user an acoustic and visual feedback







water is the most important material. It is only through the play of waves that the loudspeaker gets its unique character.

It is pumped as required from the invisible tank inside the suono from above onto the latex membrane.


the concrete provides the sensual, cave-like atmosphere. Mixed with grit, pigments and relatively little water, the concrete looks like natural stone, but can still be given the desired shape, supported by a plastic core.


The copper gives suono the necessary elegance and precision.


the flexible latex transfers the sound perfectly, but also protects the speaker from water


From the idea to the first pre-models, to the first sketch and technique, logo and up to the final model I developed and designed everything on my own, under the supervision of Professor Erik Schneider